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Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Tournaments

The Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association is excited to announce the 3rd Annual Bagwell Spring Kayak Fishing Tournament! The tournament will be on April 25th, 2009 and all waters in the state of Alabama are open to fishing.
We're changing up the format for the tournament this year to an ALL CASH payout for the heaviest five fish stringer. The cost to enter is $30 and 25% of the entry fees will be donated to charity.
The weigh-in location will be at the Pelican Pub on Dauphin Island and weigh-in will be between 1pm and 2pm. You can fish anywhere in AL waters after 5:30 am.

1st, 2nd and 3rd places for the HEAVIEST STRINGER of 5 LEGAL fish. Any of these legal fish:

Redfish 16in-26in
Speckled Trout
White Trout
Ground Mullet
Mangrove Snapper
Spanish Mackerel

Redfish must be in the 16-26in slot. You may weigh in 1-5 fish and the heaviest 3 stringers will take the cash:
1st=50% of pot
2nd=30% of pot
3rd=20% of pot

There will be no captains meeting for this. The rules are "DON'T BREAK THE LAW"!! and paddle/pedal craft only. It is your responsibility to know the state laws/regulations and follow them.

Here are the Results of the 3rd Bagwell:

1st place pay out was $403.75.
2nd place pay out was $238.25.
3rd place pay out was $155.50.

Out of the 37 anglers 11 weighed in fish.

1st - Tony Hoffmann , 1 speck , 4 sheephead 11.0 lb
2nd - Lee Stock , 3 redfish , 1 white trout 9.11 lb
3rd - Zach Gibson , 2 redfish , 1 sheephead 7.15 lb
4th - Vlad Moldoveanu , 1 redfish , 1 speck , 1 white trout 7.9 lb
5th - Neil Patterson , 3 redfish , 2 ground mullet 7.0 lb
6th - Sean Ceballos , 3 specks , 2 white trout 6.14 lb
7th - Terry Snow , 1 speck , 4 white trout 4.5 lb
8th - Karl Sephton , 1 redfish 3.0 lb
9th - Shane Taylor , 1 redfish 2.5 lb
10th - Bill Potter , 1 speck 1.14 lb
11th - Phill Ditto , 1 croaker , 1 white trout 1.5 lb