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8th Annual Bagwell Kayak Fishing Tournament

Thanks to all the anglers, volunteers and supporters, not many fish caught but was a great day on the water!

17 Anglers weighed 99.62 lbs of fish, 2 of which were our Junior Angler entries.

$840 was paid out in Prize Money!

Official Results

Super Stringer

  1. Matt Seymore 14.59
  2. Stuart Curenton 8.05


  1. J W Emanuel 4.71
  2. Robert Miller 3.99
  3. J W Emanuel 3.99

Speckled Trout

  1. Benton Parrot 5.06
  2. Damien Bosarge 3.35
  3. Vlad 3.12

Junior Angler

  1. Charlee Brunning 3.10
  2. Landon Gill 2.56