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3rd Annual 5 Rivers Kayak Fishing Tournament

On November 14th, 2009 the MBKFA hosted the 3rd Annual 5 Rivers Kayak Fishing Tournament at The 5 Rivers Delta Resouce Center. The fishing, the food, the fun and the fellowship were all outstanding. We had an absolutely beautiful day on the water.

The MBKFA would like to thank the staff at 5 Rivers for allowing us to host the tournament at their fine facility and for their continued support of our association. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors who generously donated prizes or sold them to us a reduced prices. And last but certainly not least we want to thank the Mediterranean Cafe and Bella Rue restaurant for the incredible food. Hats off to both of the Chefs.

Here are the winners for the 3rd Annual 5 Rivers Kayak Fishing Tournament:

Grand Slam:
1. Danny Adkins - 7.55
2. Terry Snow - 7.36
3. Adam Spence - 6.23

1. Tony Hoffman - 5.34
2. Daniel Britain - 5.22
3. Janet Kennedy - 4.80

1. Eric Johnson - 3.24
2. Evan Smith - 2.96
3. Matt Seese - 2.59

1. Daniel Britain - 3.14
2. Bill Potter - 2.01
3. Matt Seese - 1.30

Mystery Weight Speck (1.525)
Mark Mize(GCKFC) 1.356

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