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8th Annual 5 Rivers Kayak Fishing Tournament

November 1, 2014

Leopard Red
Bryson Hatcher 6 spots

Junior Angler
Graves Bayard 1.60 lbs.

Spots & Dots
Nick Creamer 3.19 Lbs (Speck)

Stephen McDonald 10.31 lbs.
Josh Martin 8.83 lbs.
Chad Thomas 8.64 lbs.

Nick Creamer 2.95 lbs.
Lorry Kennedy 2.45 lbs.
Jan Miller 2.34 lbs

Karl Sephton 3.94 lbs.
Brian Gartman 2.11 lbs
Garri Williamson 1.90 lbs.

Speckled Trout
Aaron Rubel 4.88 lbs.
Damien Bosarge 3.75 lbs.
Mark Freeman 2.42 lbs.

Bryson Hatcher 5.26 lbs.
Stacey Martin 4.48 lbs.
Michael Steiner 4.35 lbs.